Why Was My Photo Rejected?

When a photo is rejected, Hornet deletes it completely from the database. We cannot restore it and we are unable to review it again. We cannot give an exact reason why it was rejected.

Here are the most common reasons a photo is rejected:


Wearing only underpants.

Wearing only bathing costume, unless beside pool, seaside, beach, sunbathing, at spa, steam room, sauna.

Outline of genitals showing through clothing.

Crotch/Ass shot (even if clothing is worn).

Too much flesh showing in groin area (crop the photo at the belly button instead).

Extreme close-up (If we cannot tell what is in the photo, it gets rejected).

Contains mainly, or only, text.

Lots of shadow.

Cartoons/Drawings/Artwork (regardless of who owns it).


A full list of our photo guidelines can be found here.


If you feel the photo was rejected incorrectly, then upload it again. If it gets rejected a 2nd time, then it violates our guidelines. You will need to choose another photo to upload, or, crop the existing photo differently.

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