Can my position be triangulated by other users?

The news media has been full of stories recently about the vulnerabilities of other gay social apps. On some of our competitors it is possible for other users to calculate your position. That poses a potential risk to people living in countries where being gay is not okay.

At Hornet we have always been aware of this as a potential security risk, and we took steps long ago to protect our users' locations. Hornet randomly alters your distance as it is displayed in the app. By doing so, it would be impossible for anyone else to find your exact location. We think this is the best compromise between usefulness and security for our users.

We also offer our users the ability to deactivate distance altogether on their profile. To do so please follow these steps:

  • Open Hornet and go to your profile section
  • Tap the button "Edit profile" next to your photo
  • Scroll down and set “Show Distance” to OFF


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