How can I disable others sharing my profile?

When you view another profile you see a username, in the form of "@username". Every Hornet member has a unique username. Profiles can also be accessed from a mobile device that has Hornet installed, by the URL (this address will not work if the person does not have Hornet installed).

When browsing a profile, you can tap it to share a profile with someone else. (You can copy to the clipboard, send by SMS, email or to one of your Hornet Favorites.)

If you would rather people cannot share your profile, follow these steps:

  • Open Hornet and go to your profile section
  • Tap the button "Edit profile" next to your photo
  • Scroll down to “Share My Profile” and set it to OFF


Switching off does two things:

  1. No one can share your profile, the button on your profile will not work.
  2. Your Hornet URL ( will not work if someone tries to visit it - they'll be taken to the official Hornet webpage


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