Android crashes a lot when using the app

With thousands of different models of Android phone available, we sometimes find issues with some handsets (usually older ones) which are difficult to resolve. If you experience a lot of crashes on Hornet, this is most likely a memory issue on your phone.

After a while, temporary files can end up slowing down your app and even causing crashes, both to the application and to the device in general.

It’s advisable to follow the steps below to clear these temporary files whenever possible:

  • Go to your phone “Settings”
  • Tap “Apps”
  • Tap “Hornet” under the “Downloaded” tab
  • Tap the "Clear cache" button
  • Tap the "Force stop" button and confirm


If this does not help, please contact us, and give us the following information:

  • When does a crash occur?
  • Which version of Hornet are you using? (Settings > Apps > Hornet)
  • Which version of Android do you have? (Settings > About the phone)
  • Which phone model are you using? (Settings > About the phone)

We will do what we can to help!

Unfortunately with older Android phones the only good solution is often to upgrade to a newer phone. :-(


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